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Ever Find Yourself . . .


     Dining out with a group of friends and a single check arrives
at the end of the night?

     Squaring up with a family member who purchased a group gift from all the siblings?

     Paying the dog walker, but short on cash?




Providence Bank & Trust is excited to offer you the ability to make quick, easy and safe real-time person to person payments instantly with p2p.

With Providence Bank & Trust digital banking and p2p, you can simply send money directly from your Providence account to a friend’s bank via their debit card. This can be done from online banking or our mobile banking app – whichever you choose to use in any given situation. All you need is to be enrolled in digital banking.

If you are not yet enrolled in digital banking, simply register at providence.bank (click on new user in online banking bar)


OR download our mobile app and register.

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What is Person 2 Person Payments?

How do I use Person 2 Person payments?



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