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Effective August 12, 2004

Terms of Use


Providence Bank & Trust may change these terms and conditions, including the addition of new terms and conditions, from time to time without notice by posting the most recent version on the pages within If you find any of the terms or conditions unacceptable to you at any time, please discontinue your use of this website. By continuing to access this website after the date of any changes to these terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by the new or changed terms and conditions.

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This website has been established by Providence Bank & Trust for the sole purpose of conveying information about the Bank’s products and services and to allow communication between the Bank and its customers. Information that appears on this website should be considered an advertisement.


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Available Only Where Permitted by Law

The products and services described in pages of the website of Providence Bank & Trust are only offered in jurisdictions where they may be legally offered for sale.

Applicable Agreements and Disclosures

All products and services of Providence Bank & Trust are subject to the terms of this section as well as the terms of applicable agreements. The appropriate disclosures will be given to customers when they open accounts. You may request these documents before opening your accounts by calling Providence Bank & Trust.

Use of Information Included on this Website

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Accuracy and Changes

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Circular 230

United States Department of Treasury Regulation Circular 230 requires that we notify you that, with respect to any statements regarding tax matters made herein, including any attachments, (1) nothing herein was intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by you, to avoid tax penalties; and (2) nothing contained herein was intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, or referred to in any marketing or promotional materials. Further, to the extent any tax statement or tax advice is made herein, Providence Bank & Trust does not and will not impose any limitation on disclosure of the tax treatment or tax structure of any transactions to which such tax statement or tax advice relates. Providence Bank & Trust does not provide legal advice to clients. You should review your particular circumstances with your independent legal and tax advisors.

Important Notices

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